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Get Your Business on Track Financially and Keep It That Way

Financial guidance for HVAC, electrical, plumbing and landscaping companies.

Sleep Well at Night

You can finally sleep well at night knowing your business is a cash producing machine.

Permanent Profitability

By using our proven processes and guidance, you’ll be able to achieve permanent profitability.

Trusted Advisor

Business ownership is a lonely world, but not anymore. We’ll be your guide to the top.

Tired of feeling stuck and having a business that needs you 24/7?

Business ownership is supposed to be fun.
Let’s achieve the goals you set out when you started your business.

We’ll focus on your numbers so you can focus on your business.

Blue Collar Business Advisors is a team of financial professionals that also has extensive experience as owners in blue collar industries. Our passion is making sure our clients have all the tools and guidance they need to confidently run their business and live their life on their terms.


You know (and can feel) something is “off” but you just don’t know what it is. We’ll eliminate that feeling of uncertainty so you know exactly what’s causing the pain…and more importantly, how to fix it!

Your KPI's

You probably hear it all the time. “You have to get all your KPI’s dialed in.” The problem is every business is different. We’ll work together to get YOUR KPI’s in line. 

Cash Flow Drivers

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. There are 12 drivers in every business that will determine if you have consistent, positive cash flow. We’ll work together on each one to provide you peace of mind.

Monthly Scorecard

The only way we know if we are truly winning or losing is a scorecard. You will have your own scorecard that lines up with YOUR personal and professional goals.

A Real Plan

Most business owners start out with a plan and they are quickly stuck in chaos, putting out fires and making emotional decisions. Those days are gone. We’ll start making decisions based on the numbers.

One Less Thing to Worry About

Most business owners are constantly worried about 100 different things (many related to financial uncertainty). We’ll eliminate the cash flow worry so you can focus on your team and your business.

Who do we serve?

 We only work with our favorite people – owners of blue collar businesses. You’re an expert at your craft and have a passion for the trades. You just need some financial help to achieve your goals.

Our main focus is electrical, plumbing, HVAC and landscaping businesses that currently produce between $700k and $7,000,000 in annual revenue.

Ready to get your business financially on track? Book a call with me today to learn how a CFO can help you achieve your goals.

How does it work?

1. Book a Call

If you are ready to reach your full potential and enjoy prosperity, click the button below to book a call. We love working with blue collar companies who are ready to create consistent, positive cash flow.

2. Show Up to the Call

During our initial call, we’ll get crystal clear on where you’re at, where you want to go and how you are going to get there. We will also figure out what’s actually getting in the way of you achieving your definition of success.

3. Financial Assessment

After the first call, we’ll get to work! We’ll analyze your company’s financial performance and look for areas of opportunity as well as red flags. We will then review together and put a step-by-step plan in place.

4. Achieve Prosperity

If we are 100% certain that we can help guide you to achieving your goals, we’ll start working together! There is no fee for the initial call or the financial assessment. We want to make sure it’s a great fit on both sides.

Why choose Blue Collar Business Advisors?

We get it. There is more noise than ever on social media. The are 1000’s of books that will tell you to do things differently. Every expert in every Facebook group will give you a different answer when you ask a question. So, how do you know if BCBA is the right fit for you?

We Are Not CPAs or Bookkeepers

Bookkeepers and CPAs tell you what happened in the past and how much you owe in taxes. We use financial data and KPI’s to help guide you to your future goals. Most companies aren’t big enough for a full-time CFO which is where we step in as your outsourced CFO.

We Are Not Coaches

Most business coaches have never actually owned and operated a business. We have. Our founder, Paul, has scaled and sold his last four service-based businesses. We are financial professionals that provide real, tangible deliverables as your outsourced CFO.

Exit Planning

Everyone’s definition of “exit” is different. Whether you want to put a full team in place and have GM operate it, transition it to your children or sell, we can help get you there. No matter what, the business needs to be financially healthy and able to run without you.

50% of Businesses Fail Before They Turn 5

More than half of all businesses fail before they turn five and 70% don’t make it to their 10th birthday. The reason? They aren’t able to create consistent, positive cash flow. BCBA will provide you the guidance you need to not just survive, but thrive.

It's Time to Build Generational Wealth

Our goal as your guide is to help you build generational wealth. Everyone has different goals so we will work together to determine #1 what your personal wealth building goals are and #2 what type of business do you need to build in order to get there.

Go From Reactive to Proactive

Way too many business owners are professional firefighters, reacting to the daily fires. We’ll work together so you become an engineer who prevents fires – allowing you to finally be in control of your business, your finances and your future.

Paul Maskill - Blue Collar Business Advisors

Meet our Founder:

Paul Maskill founded Blue Collar Business Advisors in 2024 after spending the previous 13 years scaling and selling four different service-based businesses in the Raleigh, NC area. His most recent exit was of a residential electrical service company that grew by over 500% in the three years that he owned it.

After a short stint in the corporate finance world (2007 – 2011), Paul set out to combine his financial experience with his passion for business.

Since 2011, Paul has met 1000’s of business owners who were amazing at their service yet struggled with the financials and numbers.

Most business owners just say “I don’t know, my accountant (or bookkeeper) handles that.”

The truth is that in order to be successful, you need three amazing financial professionals – a bookkeeper, a CPA and a CFO. Bookkeepers and CPAs are great at telling you what happened in the past (rearview mirror). The CFO uses that information to help guide you to your future goals (windshield).

When using the numbers to make business decisions, we are able to remove the emotional tie that every business owner has with their business. Instead, we can use the financial data and KPI’s to make educated decisions that will help our clients achieve their personal and professional goals. 

Paul and his team love working alongside blue collar business owners as their advisor, guide and outsourced CFO.